Tips for Traveling with CBD

If you’re taking CBD to supplement your body daily, you always want it to be accessible. That means bringing it with you when traveling. But the laws pertaining to cannabis-derived products differ greatly depending on where you are located and what type of product you have. 

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill allowed for the expanded production of hemp across the nation, along with greater freedoms on the use of hemp derived products like CBD. However, it does allow each state to make its own decisions regarding the sale, use, and possession of CBD products. So, what do you need to consider when traveling with CBD for your next trip?

Driving With CBD

Carrying CBD on your travels by car, bus, or train is generally an easier experience than taking CBD on a flight. If you are in a state where there are few restrictions on CBD, and will be traveling to another area of that state, you shouldn’t have any issues.

If, however, you will be crossing any state lines, take the time to research the laws regarding cannabis and CBD for your destination. An important distinction to make is that there are both hemp-derived CBD and marijuana-derived CBD products. Traveling with a product that has been extracted from marijuana or which contains a high percentage of THC can be more of an issue than a hemp-derived product, as marijuana is still illegal at the federal level.

When traveling by land with CBD, ensure your product is secure to protect against breakage: you don’t want your Tasty Drops leaking all over your clean clothes! And, try to keep the container in a cool, dry, and dark area, out of direct sunlight. This helps to maintain the quality and purity of the product.

Flying With CBD

Traveling with CBD by plane is a different matter. According to the TSA’s website, marijuana and cannabis infused products, including CBD, are not allowed in carry on or checked bags. TSA officers aren’t specifically searching for cannabis products, so you may make it through security with no issues. However, if such a product is found during routine screening, TSA must refer to a law enforcement officer.

The decision to allow or prohibit an item on board a plane ultimately rests with TSA officers. Their main concern is ensuring the safety and security of everyone on board the flight. Generally, if you are flying from an airport in a state where CBD possession doesn’t break any state laws and TSA finds CBD in your bag, you can expect less hassle or legal ramifications than in states where CBD is illegal. However, you may be required to dispose of your CBD product in order to board the flight.

If you do decide to try and take a CBD product on your next flight, there are a few tips to consider:

  • Bring any associated documentation with you. If you’ve been prescribed CBD by a physician, ask your doctor for a note that you can carry with you and present as needed. If you have paperwork showing where you purchased the product, its THC content, and that it’s derived from industrial hemp, bring that along, too.
  • Keep the CBD in your carry on bag. That way, you are on hand to present your doctor’s note or explain to the TSA agent what your CBD product contains.
  • Follow TSA rules for liquids in carry on bags. Currently, liquids must be in containers that are 3.4 oz or smaller.
  • The TSA does allow vaping devices to be brought on in carry on bags, though you can’t use them during the flight.
  • Carry a product derived from hemp, containing less than .3% THC. While the laws may be changing for CBD products, marijuana-based products or those with a high THC content are still heavily regulated at the federal level. To reduce the risk of issues, carry a product with .3% or even 0% THC.
  • If you have anxiety around flying, consider taking a dose of your CBD product before the flight. Or, try using a CBD patch, which can be applied to your body and will release a consistent level of CBD throughout your flight.

It’s important to note that these rules apply for travel within the U.S. International travel is more complicated, and certain countries have zero tolerance for any cannabis products, regardless of what they contain or which plant they are derived from. Read up on the rules and regulations at your destination, and consider alternatives for your trip if CBD is not an option.

The Bottom Line

Whether you will be traveling by car, bus, train, or air, take the time to research the laws pertaining to CBD and cannabis products for your destination. Currently, no cannabis-derived products are legally allowed on flights, but laws pertaining to CBD are rapidly changing in its favor. In the coming months, we may begin to see a much greater tolerance for transporting CBD and carrying CBD products on flights.

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