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At 86, a degenerative spinal condition weakened my posture and back, causing chronic pain in my upper left thigh. When cortisone injections provided no relief, I tried Tasty Drops CBD oil. After taking the drops once a day for about 6 weeks I noticed the pain was gone. Slowly I gained strength in my back and I’m pain free to this day.


So. Burlington, VT

I have had sleeping issues for years. It would sometimes take me hours to fall into a fitful sleep. I tried many over-the-counter remedies which would work for a short period of time but make me feel groggy in the morning. I’ve been using Tasty Drops CBD oil before bed for 12 months and am consistently falling asleep within about 30 minutes, get about 6-8 hours of sleep...and with no groggy feeling in the morning.


So. Burlington, VT

About a year ago my lower back pain became nearly disabling, forcing me to take lumbar facet injections for relief -- usually lasting only a few weeks to a few months. Since my last injection in early August, I was introduced to hemp CBD oil as an alternative treatment to try for my back pain. I began to take half a dropper per day of Tasty Drops CBD tincture and have now been without back pain for nearly five months and feeling better than I have in over a year. This has allowed me to be more active, including exercise, which had previously been difficult. The Tasty Drops oil is worth a try if you are having similar challenges!


Palm Coast, FL

We have a 12 year old Retriever mix who’s hurt both knees over the years (dang squirrels anyway). She was having trouble getting up and even enjoying her daily walks. Our vet prescribed the popular medication used to treat Arthritis in dogs and while effective, I was worried about the known side-effects. Then along came CBD Oil for dogs and I started reading the reports on the benefits with the lack of side-effects. I read reviews from others who tried this for their dogs and thought we’d give it a shot and I’m glad we did. Our dog, Pita, is responding well with Purfurred Hemp Oil for dogs. It didn’t take long (less than a week) before I could stop giving her the Rx drug and we’re just using the CBD oil now – 2x a day at mealtimes. She is walking faster on our walks and is very alert and curious about things going on around her. She’s even gotten playful a couple of times, running around in the snow. An additional benefit – having the tincture mixed with Coconut Oil is nice because it needs no refrigeration, This product is a definite keeper for us and we’ll be ordering regularly to keep Pita happy and healthy!



After repeated Dr. appt for neck pain and headaches, I took a leap and tried the gold extract. Almost immediately I felt relief. I still get headaches, but these I can live with. I do recommend trying it, does help me, thank you.