Why Take CBD Products Sublingually?

If you’ve been browsing for CBD products, you may have noticed that some supplements recommend holding CBD oil under the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing. This is called sublingual consumption.

CBD is certainly not the only supplement that can be taken sublingually. There are several prescription tablet, film, and spray medications that are designed to be held under the tongue. But why might you choose to consume a product this way?

Sublingual Application for CBD Tinctures
CBD Tinctures are designed to be taken sublingually.

The bottom of the tongue is covered in capillaries, or tiny blood vessels. When you hold a substance like CBD oil under your tongue, it can be absorbed directly through those blood vessels into your bloodstream.

This is advantageous for a few reasons. The first is speed. When you swallow a supplement or medication, it takes time to travel through your digestive system before entering the blood stream and going to where it is needed. However, with a sublingual consumption, the supplement goes directly to the blood stream, allowing it to begin working in the body faster.

Another advantage is potency. Anything that we consume must pass through all the steps of digestion, including metabolization by the liver. During this process, medications lose a bit of their potency. Taking a supplement sublingually avoids the loss of potency due to digestion. This may allow you to consume smaller servings of a product while enjoying the same potency you would from immediately swallowing the supplement.

And, a sublingual application can also be a way for people who struggle to swallow large pills to still get their medications.

Which CBD Products Can I Take Sublingually?

Two major CBD product categories, CBD Hemp Oil Concentrates and CBD Tincture Extracts, are designed to be taken sublingually. Unlike a more solid edible capsule or gummy, concentrates and tinctures come in an oil form.

hemp oil syringes gold, blue, raw label

Hemp oil concentrates are an ideal choice if you are looking for a whole plant extract with no added ingredients. However, the raw taste of hemp is unpleasant for some people. If you’re going to be holding the oil in your mouth for up to a minute and a half, you don’t want to be dealing with a disagreeable taste.

That’s where flavored tinctures, like Tasty Drops, can be a solution. Designed to mask the natural hempy taste, the familiar flavors can help to make consuming CBD more enjoyable.

CBD Tincture 1000mg Tasty Drops
All Tasty Drops contain CBD sourced from organic hemp.

One thing to consider is that more CBD will directly enter the bloodstream the longer you hold the oil under your tongue. If one day you hold the oil for 30 seconds, the next for 90 seconds, and the third day you swallow the oil directly, you will likely be receiving somewhat different potencies of CBD each time.

To maintain consistency and better understand how CBD works for you, try to consume your CBD supplement the same way each time you take it. If you find you aren’t able to hold oil under your tongue for a full minute and a half, start with 30 seconds, and continue at that pace while you determine how the product works for you. You can learn more about determining serving sizes for CBD products in the Learn section of our website.

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