CBD Serving Size - How Much CBD?

A common question regarding CBD is, "How much should I take?" The answer truly is, it depends. There is no one-size-fits-all serving size for CBD. Every body is different; some bodies need more, while others need less. Experimentation is key to determine the serving size that best fits your needs.

CBD Serving Size Infographic

How Do I Find the Right CBD Serving Size?

Many CBD products list serving sizes as recommended by the manufacturer. If you are taking a CBD product for the first time, this is a good place to begin. General practice is to take this serving size daily for at least one week. If you feel that serving is working for you, continue with that amount. You can also try taking a smaller serving if you feel the effects are too strong or you want to extend the life of your CBD product. 

If after one week you aren't satisfied with the results, don't be discouraged. It may take longer for your body to adjust to the CBD, or you may simply need a larger serving size. Try increasing the serving by up to double your initial serving, and stick with that serving for the next week. Continue increasing until satisfied. 

How Often Should I Take CBD?

How often and when you consume a CBD product is largely up to personal preference. We recommend using a product daily. Some people prefer to take their CBD in the morning, others before bed. You can also take half your daily amount in the morning and half in the evening to maintain a consistent level of CBD in the body throughout the day. Refer to individual product labels for specific information on the CBD products you're consuming. 

Are There Side Effects to CBD?

More research is needed to fully understand how and why CBD affects the body. Anecdotally, people who consume CBD supplements have reported occasional fatigue. Taking a large amount of an oil like CBD can also cause an upset stomach. Consult your doctor before consuming any CBD products, especially if you are taking prescription medications as CBD may interact with them. Since we are not doctors, we cannot say how CBD will effect you and your body, or diagnose/prescribe for any condition.