Purfurred CBD for Cats Tincture 1oz (200mg)



Purfurred CBD for Cats Tincture – Product Description

Purfurred CBD for Cats is a 200mg CBD tincture formulated for your favorite feline! An all-natural wellness supplement, Purfurred CBD contains just two ingredients: cannbidiol (CBD) and extra virgin olive oil. The CBD in this tincture is sourced from organically grown industrial hemp, extracted directly from the hemp plant using the cleanest method available, CO2 extraction.

Why Choose CBD for Cats?

You may be surprised at the thought of giving your pet CBD. However, cats, dogs, and other mammals have the same system in their bodies that humans do, and with which CBD interacts. This system, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), functions to achieve and maintain homeostasis, or balance, throughout the body. It includes cannabinoid receptors located in several key areas of the body, including the brain, organs, connective tissues, and nervous and immune systems. These receptors interact with endocannabinoids, which are cannbinoids produced by the body. However, at times our bodies do not produce enough endocannabinoids to keep us functioning at our best. This may also lead to pain and illness.

That’s where CBD comes in! CBD is a phytocannabinoid, a cannabinoid produced by plants. It can be used to supplement the ECS and encourage the body to produce more of its own cannabinoids, helping to maintain proper function.

CBD can be given to pets for the same reasons we may choose to consume it. In addition to supporting your cat or dog’s overall health and wellness, CBD has been shown to calm anxious pets and relieve age-related joint pain. Read our blog to learn more about using CBD to help support the health and well-being of your pets.

Do you have a dog? Purfurred CBD for Dogs is available, too!

Purfurred CBD for Cats – Certificate of Analysis

CBD Certificate of Analysis Icon

Purfurred CBD tinctures undergo a testing process called High Performance Liquid Chromatography, which tests the cannabinoid content of the product. Each batch of Purfurred CBD for Cats is tested to ensure potency and purity. The Certificate of Analysis (COA), which shows the current test results, is always available for you to view.

How to Use Purfurred CBD for Cats

The manufacturer recommends a serving size of 10 drops of Purfurred CBD, which equates to 1.42mg of CBD per serving. You can give this serving to your cat once or twice per day, depending on your cat’s individual needs and your veterinarian’s recommendation. A 10 drop serving gives you approximately 140 servings per 1oz bottle of Purfurred CBD. If you have any concerns about using Purfurred CBD or any CBD product for your cat or dog, be sure to consult with your veterinarian before use.

Purfurred CBD for Cats Ingredients

Active Ingredient: Phytocannabinoids (CBD)Other Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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