How is CBD Oil Produced?

How is CBD Oil Produced

I love eating locally grown food. Lucky for me, here in Vermont we’ve got an abundance of it, and restaurants make a special effort to purchase and cook with local food products. A big piece of the local food movement is about supporting your community and your local farmers. But another essential element involves being aware of where our food comes from and knowing that what we are putting in our bodies is produced in a way that is good for us and for our planet.

Like any other food product, it’s important to be conscious of where CBD is sourced from. Unfortunately, there are many products on the market being passed off as CBD, when they contain no CBD at all. Or, they may contain less CBD than advertised, and are mixed with chemical contaminants. One study found that out of 85 products, 69% displayed an incorrect amount of THC and/or CBD on the label, as reported in the journal of the American Medical Association.

At this time, the FDA has placed no regulations on the sale of CBD products. This means purchasing just any product labeled as a CBD product may be misleading, or potentially dangerous.

In such a market, who do you trust? To clear things up, we’re outlining the supply chain of the CBD in our products, so you can purchase with confidence.

1. Harvest

commercial hemp field

Hemp is an industrial crop, grown in large fields like this one.

CBD is found at its highest concentration in the hemp plant. Hemp is undergoing a rebirth in the U.S. and is now legal to grow at the federal level thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. However, many hemp farmers are still getting their processes up and running. The CBD in all our products is sourced from organically hemp grown on established farms in Colorado, Kentucky, and Europe.

2. Extract

hemp oil in jar

Once the hemp plants are harvested, the CBD must be extracted from the plant material. There are different ways to go about this, including using olive oil or ethanol. The most complex method, CO2 extraction, is also considered the most ideal for maintaining the potency and purity of the extracted product.

One reason CO2 extraction is highly regarded is that it doesn’t require any toxic solvents to be used. Certain extraction processes that use chemical solvents can leave traces of the chemical in the finished product. CO2 extraction is currently at use in the food industry, including to extract caffeine from coffee beans in the production of decaffeinated coffee.

So, how does it work? Basically, CO2 is cooled and compressed to a very high compression rate, which brings the CO2 into what is called a supercritical state. In this state, the carbon dioxide maintains the properties of both liquid and gas at the same time. When the CO2 is passed through the hemp, it leaves behind a concentrated and pure extract that is easy for our bodies to digest.

And, it’s eco-friendly, because the CO2 can be reused after each processing. This method is the only process used to produce the CBD in our products.

3. Lab Testing

woman working in laboratory

Even when a clean extraction method is used, it’s still critical that the oil be tested. Proper testing ensures the potency of the CBD and the overall purity of the product. It’s also necessary to test the THC levels—to legally be labeled as industrial hemp, the plant and its extract must contain less than 0.3% THC. This guarantees no psychoactive effects will occur when consuming the product and is a standard we hold to all our CBD products. Our products are not only tested by an in-house lab, but also by a third-party lab to strictly ensure that necessary standards are met.

4. Formulate

CBD Tincture 1000mg Tasty Drops

All Tasty Drops contain CBD sourced from organic hemp.

After testing, we have a quality oil that can be combined with other natural and effective ingredients to create the products you’ll find on our site. These products are formulated and packaged in the U.S., in a lab located near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

5. Distribute

The final step of the process is fulfilling your order and making sure you receive a quality product in a timely manner!

Want the condensed version? Take a look at the chart below!

CBD Production Chart

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