Hemp Body Tesla 3? How Eco-Cool Would That Be!

tesla3-eco-friendlyThe hype and pre-orders paid for the Tesla 3, all 300,000 of them and counting, is blowing away even big-thinking Mr. Musk! Quite remarkable for a car that’s still two years away from reality.

What would make this automotive, technological, and economic endeavor even more Eco-spectacular? A car that’s not only affordably electric, but also a car that is manufactured from an environmentally sustainable and renewable plant.

hemp-car-ecohempsourceSound crazy? Think again because it’s been done before.  The first green automobile was built by Henry Ford back in 1941with a bio-plastic body made from a combination of industrial hemp, soybeans, wheat, flax, and ramie. Stronger and lighter than steel, and requiring only a fraction of the energy to produce compared to steel and conventional petroleum-based materials like plastic, the reality of a more Eco-friendly automobile has been around for a very long time.

In the ensuing years, as issues like climate change, biodegradable waste disposal, moving from petroleum based materials and products to renewable and environmentally sustainable alternatives, and managing the earth’s resources for a growing population have become topics of both concern and opportunity, industrial hemp is steadily making a comeback around the world as being re-recognized as the versatile plant it is.

In Canada, where the cultivation and development of industrial hemp is not subject to the same restrictive laws as in the United States, innovators are developing hemp plastic automobiles that are lighter, stronger, more fuel-efficient, and more environmentally sustainable than conventional steel or fiberglass vehicles. The Kestral electric car is one such example of what’s coming down the pike.

So where does all this fit into the new Tesla 3?

Should Tesla choose to build a more holistic E-Car, whether the model 3 or the next version in the lab, go beyond just the electrics and build a car with a body that’s as E-friendly as the drive train. Good for people, the planet, and ultimately profit. Now THAT’s Eco-Cool value!

If you’re not already headed in this direction, please up the ante Mr. Musk… the timing couldn’t be more relevant.


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