Hemp… A Field of Dreams


Take a good look at this field. It’s not just any field, but a field of dreams; of a natural resource that will fuel the next agricultural and industrial revolution. This is the catalyst for EcoHemp Source.com. Welcome!

In the summer of 2014, my friend Joel introduced me to a book that has had a profound impact on me ever since. The book, actually a trilogy of books titled Conversations With God I, II and III, were written by Neale Donald Walsch in the 1990’s. These have long since become best-sellers, still affecting the lives of millions of people for as many reasons as there are readers, me included.

There’s a part in the book that makes mention of hemp. The particular topic in this section was about the earth’s ecology, and how humankind was doing a very good job of screwing it up. That we are consuming and abusing the earth’s natural resources and compromising our atmosphere and ecosystems at an alarming rate; and that if we didn’t changes our ways, and that was back then, the consequences would be dire.

Twenty years and two billion more people later, these catastrophic warnings are well-documented and hotly debated, but still too little action is being adopted by most of the world’s population to act on the inconvenient changes required to reverse the consequences of climate change. Part of me shares the fear of many that the damage done and the actions required to turn this ship around are too daunting and unmanageable on a global scale to do what’s required. But a bigger part of me believes it’s not too late, and that the more we, as earth citizens, grow our collective awareness of this problem and put our creative minds and hands to work building solutions and advocating for change, the faster the ship will turn.

Ask most people if they’ve ever heard of hemp and what they know about it, and you’ll find most don’t know much, if anything, about it. If they have, they know it’s a plant used to make rope, but more likely, something akin marijuana.

What 99.9% of the even the knowers don’t know, is that hemp is the former, but not the later. And specifically, the more accurate name for hemp is industrial hemp, the non-psychoactive cousin to marijuana. Both derivatives come from the cannabis sativa plant, but they differ in that marijuana (also referred to as cannabis) contains high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the natural chemical that gets one high, while industrial hemp is bred to contain only trace amounts, less than .3%, of THC; making industrial hemp impossible to get high from.

So back to hemp, Conversations With God, and the purpose of EcoHemp Source.com. This blog is not about religion or the topic of deity, but rather a message about the value, purpose, and potential of hemp for our planet, in peoples’ lives, and in commerce.

What this website IS about is my acknowledgement and acceptance of hemp as having been introduced to me through the CWG book, and as a plant that’s been placed on this planet for a reason. During my learning process of industrial hemp, I’ve come to understand and appreciate it as a solution to some of the most calamitous earthly issues we all face, while at the same time serving up enormous opportunity for health, well-being, and prosperity to those who embrace it.

The content of this site will focus on the business opportunities and economic prosperity that await those who learn about and consider industrial hemp as the versatile and renewable natural resource it is, and apply the innovation and creativity that entrepreneurs and inventors have done for product ingenuity and commercial paradigm shifts throughout history.

From the farmer, scientist and inventor, to the entrepreneur, and industrialist… this is our game to play, and our game to win. Let’s move from field of dreams to field of reality.

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