Understanding CBD: Potency Vs. Volume

CBD Potency and Volume

When it comes to the products on our website, and CBD products in general, there are two numbers to consider: potency and volume. It’s important to understand how these numbers relate to CBD products so that you can be sure you’re using the right product to give you the proper amount of CBD and best dollar value.

Let’s look at our Hemp Oil Care as an example.

Hemp Oil care spearmint flavor

On this bottle, the number 1,200 is prominent. This refers to the concentration of CBD contained in this spray bottle: 1,200 milligrams.

Now, 1,200 mg is a high concentration of CBD. Tasty Drops, by comparison, are available in a 300 mg concentration, making Hemp Oil Care 4 times more potent than Tasty Drops.

The recommended serving size for Hemp Oil Care is 2 sprays, equivalent to 7.5 mg of CBD, taken once or twice per day. If you divide the potency of the whole bottle, (1,200) by the serving size, (7.5) you’ll find that this bottle contains 160 servings. By comparison, the 1oz 300mg bottle of Tasty Drops contains 40 7.5 oz servings of CBD.

Also appearing on this bottle is 2 FL OZ.  This refers to the volume of liquid in the bottle.

While the number of servings is determined by how much liquid is in the bottle, the amount of liquid in the bottle doesn’t determine how potent the product is. Consider a 1 oz bottle of 1,200 mg CBD, and a 2 oz bottle of 600 mg CBD. Though there is more product in the 600 mg bottle, you would have to take four times as much of that product to consume the same amount of CBD as one dose of the 1,200 mg product.

How CBD Potency and Volume Affect Cost

Along with higher potency typically comes a higher cost. But it’s important to note that purchasing a less expensive CBD product doesn’t mean you’re saving money, because the two products may not be equivalent. A product may cost less compared to another CBD product because the first has a lower concentration of CBD, or because the container is smaller.

Products made with organic hemp, that are third party lab-tested, and which are extracted using a cleaner CO2 extraction method, all contribute to higher costs as well. While you’ll likely pay more for these products, you can be sure you’re investing in a safer product.

In the case of Hemp Oil Care, the cost is twice that of Tasty Drops. But the higher potency means you can take less per serving, and the bottle contains 2 oz vs. 1 oz of Tasty Drops. In the end, this gives you 2 times more servings and a greater longevity of the product. You now start to understand how to shop for CBD products to compare value.

CBD Serving Size

How do I take CBD Tinctures

It’s also important to consider that the serving size your body needs may not be the same as others around you. While our CBD products include recommended serving sizes and dosages, there is no one size fits all dosage of CBD. Sometimes, people may take CBD at the recommended amount, and give up because they find it doesn’t work for them.

If you haven’t taken any products with CBD before, you should always start at the lowest end of the recommended dose. However, if you’re taking the recommended dose of a CBD product, and aren’t seeing the results you’d like, try increasing your dose to the higher end of what the product recommends. If you find that you need more than that higher-end dose to feel the effects, you likely need to upgrade your product to one that is more CBD-potent. And, if you find that the amount of CBD you’re taking is affecting you too much, try testing a less potent product.

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