25 Ways You Can Use Less Plastic

I can’t imagine anyone anywhere not feeling disturbed by a sight like the image below. With nearly 8 billion people on this planet, and growing, the earth’s ecology is under attack by trapped greenhouse gases above and human garbage in our waterways, oceans, and landfills.

Scuba diver swimming in ocean surrounded by plastic waste

One of the most damaging influences on our air, water, and soil quality and sustainability is from the manufacturing, use, and disposal of plastic.

The headlines are full of news about plastic: which products are banned, what can really be recycled, and most tragically, the amount of plastic in our oceans.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, 8 million metric tons of plastic entered the ocean in 2018. I can’t even picture what that amount of plastic would look like, let alone how to stop it. And despite so many calls to limit plastic use and production, we’re on track for at least as much plastic to enter our oceans this year, too.

Plastic has become so prevalent in our lives that it’s entering the fossil record, leading some to call this the Plastic Age. In the face of complex issues like our dependence on plastic, what do we do?

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Tourism’s Impact on Climate Change

Taking a trip somewhere new can be many things: a rite of passage; a celebration of a milestone; a realized dream; or a returning to your roots.

Our travel destinations can change with the times. But the tourism industry has a massive change looming on the horizon, one it may not be able to fully adapt to: the threat of climate change.

While travel is a contributor to a changing climate, it’s also very vulnerable to it. So, how is tourism intertwined with a changing climate? And what does it mean for you as you plan your next getaway?

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Hemp vs Cotton: Which Fabric is More Sustainable?

Images of a hemp field and a cotton field

By making hemp federally legal, we’ve opened up a new world of opportunity for crafting sustainable alternatives to some of our most-used materials, like concrete, wood, fuel, and textiles.

Hemp has been used to craft clothing for centuries. But with the U.S. prohibition on cannabis, which began in 1937, hemp was no longer a popular source for textiles.

Fast forward to today, when industrial hemp is a federally legal crop grown across the nation. Farmers are growing hemp for all kinds of reasons, including to produce CBD products. And, many textile and apparel companies, including Levi’s, are jumping on the hemp bandwagon as well.

Cotton has been marketed as “the fabric of our lives.” In fact, hemp outranks cotton in several areas, including sustainability, crop yield, and water conservation.

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The Impact of Eating Less Beef

Raw steak and herbs on a wooden surface

Forty percent. That’s the amount Americans should cut beef consumption, as recommended by a recent report.

The report, entitled “Creating a Sustainable Food Future,” is a collaboration among several international organizations, including the United Nations Environment. It considers this fact: in the next 30 years, we can expect a population increase of nearly 3 billion people.

So, how can we feed our growing population while also taking care of our planet? While several suggestions are made in the report, one stands out, especially for Americans: reducing the demand for beef.

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Beware of the Snake Oil

Now that hemp-derived CBD is federally legal, CBD is everywhere. It’s popular among pro athletes, available on Amazon, added to burgers, and praised for its perceived ability to relieve all kinds of ailments.

But a quick Google search shows a murky picture of this miracle oil, one that may have you confused about what to believe.

Are we back in the days of the Wild West, with CBD as the new snake oil? One seller says it will cure your arthritis, while the shop down the road claims CBD will help you sleep like a baby every night. Some states have outlawed CBD and hemp, and others embrace it wholeheartedly. And each day, new stories seem to give conflicting information.

So, what’s truly going on in this new frontier? Saddle up as we take you on a ride through the state of CBD.

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What Makes Organic Farming Organic?

organic apples in cart

Take a mental walk through your favorite grocery store. You’ll probably see several items labeled “organic”, from fruits and vegetables to meats, bread made with organic grains, and even beauty products made with organically grown plant extracts.

We’ve been trained to equate “organic” with “better”, often without fully understanding why. Looking at an organically grown and conventionally grown apple side by side, you probably can’t see a difference between them. So, what makes one apple organic while the other isn’t? And how does this affect you as the consumer?

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Game Changer: Why Athletes are Choosing CBD

Male athlete on bicycle riding by field

Boxers. MMA and UFC Fighters. NHL players. Pro golfers. These athletes have all been in the news recently for the same reason: they’re taking CBD.

Playing sports, especially at the professional level, takes a toll on the body. With aches and pains competing with the drive to perform, athletes routinely seek ways to keep them in the game. While that often means special exercise routines, gear, and health regimens, it can also mean the search for a so-called “miracle drug.” Because of this, sports associations have had to set standards about what substances athletes can consume, and at what levels they can do so.

In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed cannabidiol (CBD) from the list of banned substances. While certain sports leagues can set their own rules about what substances players can consume, CBD has been increasing in popularity among athletes across the sports world. Buy why is it such a draw for athletes?

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6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a CBD Product

Woman with uncertain expression surrounded by CBD products

With CBD stories in the news daily and CBD products for sale nearly anywhere, you likely have many questions. But are you asking the right questions? Before you purchase any CBD product, there are a few essential questions to ask the supplier or manufacturer to determine if the product is the right fit for your needs.

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How Much CBD Should I Take?

If you’re shopping for CBD for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions. One of the most common questions regarding CBD is, how much CBD should I take?

Well, I’ve got both good and bad news for you. The bad news is, I can’t tell you how much you should take. But the good news is, I can help you figure it out.

What is CBD’s Serving Size?

Everyone’s body is different, not only due to height, weight, and gender, but also because of all the other processes going on inside our bodies. Because of this, there is no one-size-fits-all serving size when it comes to CBD.

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Does CBD Interact with Other Medications?

Pill pack Does CBD interact with other medications

Major questions when it comes to CBD include: how will it effect my body? And will CBD interact with other medications I’m taking?

The good news is, the side effects of consuming CBD are generally mild. And, not all people who take CBD experience them. CBD’s reported side effects include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Upset stomach when large amounts of CBD are consumed
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite or weight loss
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