The Inspiration Behind Eco Health Source

​My introduction to hemp occurred in 2014 while reading a ​chapter from the bestselling book series Conversations With God about earth’s threatened ecology and some steps that could be taken toward improving it.

​Mention was made of this versatile and remarkable plant that’s been cultivated for millennia for nutrition, textiles, fuel, medicine, building materials, and its most commonly known use… hemp rope.

​I became intrigued and the more I learned about the qualities and benefits of industrial hemp, the more I realized that increasing awareness of hemp and introducing it's many uses was an opportunity to make a contribution toward improving the health of our environment, and people's lives.

​We at Eco Health Source are doing our part to raise awareness for healthier and sustainable choices for our personal and ecological wellness. Our blog ​includes a breadth of educational and informative articles which, I hope you’ll discover as I did, the power and potential of this amazing plant.


On our product pages you’ll find an array of wellness and everyday products that utilize natural, organic, and renewable materials and ingredients that will not only help you feel good…but feel good about using.

When each of us does a little bit, the cumulative impact is great. We all share this planet and to the extent we at Eco Health Source can help make for healthier people, pets and planet, then we’re fulfilling our purpose.

To that end, we’d love to hear from you, and we thank you for your business.

Tom Brassard

Founder & Owner