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Tourism’s Impact on Climate Change

Taking a trip somewhere new can be many things: a rite of passage; a celebration of a milestone; a realized dream; or a returning to your roots.

Our travel destinations can change with the times. But the tourism industry has a massive change looming on the horizon, one it may not be able to fully adapt to: the threat of climate change.

While travel is a contributor to a changing climate, it’s also very vulnerable to it. So, how is tourism intertwined with a changing climate? And what does it mean for you as you plan your next getaway?

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Hemp vs Cotton: Which Fabric is More Sustainable?

Images of a hemp field and a cotton field

By making hemp federally legal, we’ve opened up a new world of opportunity for crafting sustainable alternatives to some of our most-used materials, like concrete, wood, fuel, and textiles.

Hemp has been used to craft clothing for centuries. But with the U.S. prohibition on cannabis, which began in 1937, hemp was no longer a popular source for textiles.

Fast forward to today, when industrial hemp is a federally legal crop grown across the nation. Farmers are growing hemp for all kinds of reasons, including to produce CBD products. And, many textile and apparel companies, including Levi’s, are jumping on the hemp bandwagon as well.

Cotton has been marketed as “the fabric of our lives.” In fact, hemp outranks cotton in several areas, including sustainability, crop yield, and water conservation.

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