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The Impact of Eating Less Beef

Raw steak and herbs on a wooden surface

Forty percent. That’s the amount Americans should cut beef consumption, as recommended by a recent report.

The report, entitled “Creating a Sustainable Food Future,” is a collaboration among several international organizations, including the United Nations Environment. It considers this fact: in the next 30 years, we can expect a population increase of nearly 3 billion people.

So, how can we feed our growing population while also taking care of our planet? While several suggestions are made in the report, one stands out, especially for Americans: reducing the demand for beef.

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Beware of the Snake Oil

Now that hemp-derived CBD is federally legal, CBD is everywhere. It’s popular among pro athletes, available on Amazon, added to burgers, and praised for its perceived ability to relieve all kinds of ailments.

But a quick Google search shows a murky picture of this miracle oil, one that may have you confused about what to believe.

Are we back in the days of the Wild West, with CBD as the new snake oil? One seller says it will cure your arthritis, while the shop down the road claims CBD will help you sleep like a baby every night. Some states have outlawed CBD and hemp, and others embrace it wholeheartedly. And each day, new stories seem to give conflicting information.

So, what’s truly going on in this new frontier? Saddle up as we take you on a ride through the state of CBD.

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