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What Makes Organic Farming Organic?

organic apples in cart

Take a mental walk through your favorite grocery store. You’ll probably see several items labeled “organic”, from fruits and vegetables to meats, bread made with organic grains, and even beauty products made with organically grown plant extracts.

We’ve been trained to equate “organic” with “better”, often without fully understanding why. Looking at an organically grown and conventionally grown apple side by side, you probably can’t see a difference between them. So, what makes one apple organic while the other isn’t? And how does this affect you as the consumer?

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Game Changer: Why Athletes are Choosing CBD

Male athlete on bicycle riding by field

Boxers. MMA and UFC Fighters. NHL players. Pro golfers. These athletes have all been in the news recently for the same reason: they’re taking CBD.

Playing sports, especially at the professional level, takes a toll on the body. With aches and pains competing with the drive to perform, athletes routinely seek ways to keep them in the game. While that often means special exercise routines, gear, and health regimens, it can also mean the search for a so-called “miracle drug.” Because of this, sports associations have had to set standards about what substances athletes can consume, and at what levels they can do so.

In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed cannabidiol (CBD) from the list of banned substances. While certain sports leagues can set their own rules about what substances players can consume, CBD has been increasing in popularity among athletes across the sports world. Buy why is it such a draw for athletes?

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