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How is CBD Oil Produced?

How is CBD Oil Produced

I love eating locally grown food. Lucky for me, here in Vermont we’ve got an abundance of it, and restaurants make a special effort to purchase and cook with local food products. A big piece of the local food movement is about supporting your community and your local farmers. But another essential element involves being aware of where our food comes from and knowing that what we are putting in our bodies is produced in a way that is good for us and for our planet.

Like any other food product, it’s important to be conscious of where CBD is sourced from. Unfortunately, there are many products on the market being passed off as CBD, when they contain no CBD at all. Or, they may contain less CBD than advertised, and are mixed with chemical contaminants. One study found that out of 85 products, 69% displayed an incorrect amount of THC and/or CBD on the label, as reported in the journal of the American Medical Association.

At this time, the FDA has placed no regulations on the sale of CBD products. This means purchasing just any product labeled as a CBD product may be misleading, or potentially dangerous.

In such a market, who do you trust? To clear things up, we’re outlining the supply chain of the CBD in our products, so you can purchase with confidence.

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Relieving Joint and Muscle Pain with CBD Salve

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Debilitating. Constant. Inescapable. If you suffer from chronic pain, these words may resonate with you. Pain can impact our lives in ways that are mild and brief. Or, it can be a constant companion that slows us down and makes everything a bit more difficult.

And, chronic pain sufferers often rely on prescription and over the counter pain relievers that can have negative, long-term effects on the body.

What if you could find a relief from pain that was natural, non-habit forming, and caused no major side effects—sounds like a miracle, right?

Consider CBD. People across the country, including our own customers, are finding long-sought pain relief by taking products which contain cannabidiol (CBD). A natural compound, CBD makes use of a system already at work in the body to provide relief from pain at all levels.

CBD salves are made with muscle and joint pain sufferers in mind. But how does it work? Why use a salve? Read on to learn how CBD might be the pain relief solution you’ve been searching for.

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