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The Amazing Skin Care Benefits of CBD

Having skin issues is the worst. Not only do conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis cause discomfort—they also wreak havoc on our appearance and self-confidence. I suffered from persistent acne for many years before finally achieving a balance and sense of comfort in my skin.

Think about the last time you went shopping for skincare products. There are aisles full of brightly colored bottles to choose from. And, often, if you pick up one of those bottles, you’re likely to see a list of ingredients composed of long, unpronounceable chemicals. How do you feel about using those substances on your face? It’s like a chemistry lesson in a bottle!

I found a solution in all-natural products, and you can too! What’s currently revolutionizing skin care? Hemp oil or Cannabidiol (CBD).

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6 Reasons to Support Your Pet with CBD

man holding happy yellow lab puppy

Cannabidiol (CBD) is taking the alternative medicine world by storm. A non-psychoactive derivative of the hemp plant, CBD is available in a variety of forms and recommended for several ailments, including insomnia, seizures, chronic pain, and high cholesterol.

CBD products aren’t just for humans—pets also benefit from CBD tinctures and treats. Like humans, your dog, cat, and all other mammals have an endocannabinoid system at work in their bodies. This system is responsible for keeping our bodies in homeostasis. “Homeostasis” refers to the ability of the body or a cell to seek and maintain a condition of equilibrium or stability within its internal environment when dealing with external changes—i.e., maintaining a well-functioning body. It’s specially designed to interact with cannabinoids, both those created by the brain and those derived from plants.

Packed with cannabinoids, CBD oil affects pets in several of the same ways as humans, providing many of the same benefits. Curious how CBD can help your pet? Read on for 6 essential benefits.

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5 Key Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

hemp oil in jar

On June 1, Missouri became the 40th U.S. state to legalize hemp. Increased legalization of domestic hemp production and interest in hemp and CBD based products has led to an explosion in popularity of hemp in recent years. It’s a rejuvenation and renewed appreciation for a plant that’s been used medicinally across cultures since ancient times.

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