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Following Tesla’s Lead for Hemp Development

Tesla-model3-HempEarly this week, Tesla made yet another news headline when it announced individual deposits paid on their new Model 3 electric car broke the 250,000 barrier! Here’s a car that’s not even built and won’t be available to deliver until late 2017, and in less than a week a quarter of a million people have parted with $1000 each to be part of a product launch that rival anything even Apple is famous for.

Corporate America… are you paying attention to this? It’s a rare entrepreneur, innovator, and pioneer who’s willing to take on an industry, especially one as powerful as the US automotive industry, to put everything on the line to build a product that’s relevant and bucks the status quo. And what’s particularly exciting and gratifying to witness here is that Mr. Elon Musk is supplementing his current elite high-end electric car product line with an offering that the middle-class can afford and enjoy. Sell a only handful or sell a lot… smart!

The last time a car introduction got this kind of attention was back in 1908 when Henry Ford introduced the Model T! At that time, the internal combustion automobile was as innovative then as Tesla’s electric car technology is today. Similarly, another commonality between the two is that each exists for the masses – an innovation and product that many people can buy and integrate into their lifestyles.

Herein lies the key to Tesla’s vision and potential for colossal success. The excitement around this product launch demonstrates the enormous upside potential of satisfying two very relevant marketplace opportunities: the ecology, and the middle class. The Model 3 makes complete sense on both fronts. Make a clean car that almost anyone can afford and you’ve not only tapped into a trend… you’re making the trend.

This aptly describes the state of industrial hemp in this country today. To those entrepreneurs, corporate board rooms, and visionaries who decide to look beyond the perceived threat that has hindered hemp from being developed as an inexpensive, eco-friendly alternative to our fossil fuel derived world politics and economy, will go the economic riches and gratification of making a positive difference. Like Musk, it takes vision, guts, and a realization that we can’t continue to destroy our planet making things the same way we’ve become comfortable and complacent with.

But let’s be clear, Tesla’s in this to make a profit… and not only is that OK and the way it should, but profit is the spark that will ignite the positive change and environmental and economic advancement that the world desperately needs RIGHT NOW!

We can’t continue down the fossil fuel path that’s killing our ecosystems and people. We’re already suffering the consequences, and the decay only makes our future more tenuous. To those companies, and in fact entire countries, who invest in and redevelop their products and exports to use renewable planet and people-healthy raw materials – like industrial hemp – will go the spoils of being the innovators and leaders in this new movement.

Corporate America… be Musk-like!