The Inspiration Behind Eco Health Source

Welcome to Eco Health Source

PLEASE NOTE… If you are a returning visitor or customer of Eco Health Source, you won’t find the CBD products formerly available for purchase here. Due to the high cost of conducting business online in what has become an explosively competitive and tumultuous CBD marketplace finds me ​discontinuing online sales of these products.

However, if you have purchased products in the past, and wish to continue to reorder, I would be delighted to continue to fulfill orders to your address. I will no longer be able to accept payment by credit card, but I would accept your personal check.

To place your order, please send me an email at:

What you will find on my blog are articles devoted to various health & wellness, and ecological topics that speak to addressing various environmental and sustainability issues and opportunities of our time. I welcome – and encourage – your input and engagement as we all think and work together to improve our natural world and its inhabitants.

Tom Brassard

Founder & Owner